Stepping Stone

The unique Pre-Placement workshop exclusively designed for students who will soon step into the Corporate Industry

This unique pre-placement program focuses on developing you as a well-rounded individual, not just a resume with skills. It empowers you to stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique value to potential employers

Benefits to the Institutes

What We Do

Donate According to Their Needs

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Benefits to the Students

Stand out of the crowd in the pool of freshers

One to one discussion of interviewers and interviewee and guidance towards overall improvement

Guidance from experts on “How to crack Aptitude and technical tests”, Do’s and Don’ts for the interviews, how to get

Technical talk on latest industry trends, expectations from the freshers, career opportunities in corporate industry

Understand Negotiation skills, promotions cycles, appraisal cycles, Bonds from SME’s.

Interested in an engaging, custom-designed team building and leadership workshops?