NGO Tie-Ups

NGO Tie-Ups

Our special bond with NGOs!

With the genuine intent of giving back ro the society and helping underprivileged yet deserving youths, team Zealus had been working with many NGOs specially for the organisations supporting women’s education.

Team Zealus is humbly proud to be serving multiple NGOs for last 15 years showcasing massive success stories of more than 1500 students doing excellent in their career journeys.

Why Students Enjoy Our Work?

What We Do

Donate According to Their Needs

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More Donation

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Why We Work with Ngos Though We Don’t Earn Anything Substantial Commercially?

Remaining true to our purpose of “empowering young minds to lead!” These tie ups with NGOs gives us lot of positivity, sense of purpose and small contrition to the society in little possible way and of course what we receive in reciprocity is happiness in abundance!

While financial success is important, the opportunity to empower young minds and contribute to social good is what truly motivates us. The happiness and fulfillment we gain from these collaborations is invaluable.

Let's work together to empower young minds and build a brighter future.