Go Beyond The Classroom

Go Beyond The Classroom

Beyond The Classroom

Our program emphasizes experiential learning based on Kolb’s Model, featuring tailored team tasks for practical application of theoretical knowledge. Innovative methods like Quadrant Analysis, SCAMPER, and DISC assessments enhance problem-solving and team dynamics.

Stretch Zones encourage personal growth, while tools for dialogue, Quiet Times, and time management ensure holistic development. Coaching is highlighted as an art, fostering effective mentorship and guidance. This comprehensive approach facilitates experiential learning and personal development.

Benefits to the Institutes

What We Do

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Benefits to the Faculty Members

Opportunities to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competence that distinguish a successful facilitator from a teacher.

Thinking and implementing out of the Box ideas beneficial for the students.

Learning new ways of facilitation trough team tasks.

Gain feedback on your existing strengths - and weaknesses.

Experiential Learning through fun filled activities

Interested in an engaging, custom-designed team building and leadership workshops?